Can’t Find A Product? New Product Images? A Model Call?

Can’t Find A Product? New Product Images? A Model Call?

Last week, I uploaded a LOT of products to the store but noticed a few days ago that I had missed the design color choice. So, off I went to change over 200+ products in the store. I ended up deleting a lot of the products for now, BUT! I am adding them back into the store every day. 

Why was this so hard? When I can upload the products fairly easily? When uploading, it’s just copying the last product uploaded and changing a few things. Going in to add the design color choice means I’ll have to go into each individual product and add that into it. It is time consuming and I would be as far along as I am right now. This also let me choose to do a new product image. 

New Product Images and More

Have you noticed the new product images? I have Lifestyle photos now on SEVERAL of my products and I am planning to add more products with this style imagery to the store! Go ahead and take a look at the ones that I have now! 

Would You Like A FREE Shirt and Live Near Mesquite Texas?

I am looking for both male and female, adult, teen, children, toddlers, and infants, as a model call for these shirts! As I add more products to the website, I want to add more images that include my own photography from Odysseys Studio! You would not only recieve a shirt with your design choice after the shoot (The shirts are blank at the shoot) but you will also have access to the photos after the shoot too! Bring a change of clothes and make it a FREE family shoot!

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